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About OneLittleForest

In OneLittleForest our collections are deeply rooted in our love for nature and art. Here you will find our endeavor to create things. Things of beauty, balance and peace of mind.  

Atelier DaPLOT began as we decided to take a journey into our creative selves. In this journey we sketch, we write, we paint like an artist and we experiment , we try with different materials, we analyze prototypes like a scientist. We combine our love for art with traditional crafting techniques and new, exciting tools to make it more functional and beautiful. With every trial, error and success, everyday becomes very rewarding. And it's even more rewarding knowing our items made with love, care and attention are adding color in all corners of the world.

The two of us have lived / worked / studied / grown up in UK, France, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea and Hong Kong. We took influence from respective cultures and share our love for modern art, crafting, photography and literature.  To be honest, we did not truly understand what is behind the line "Made with Love" when our journey began.  But we do after we put our hands on getting an item from birth of a design idea to a packaged shipment.

Since a deeper color or a lighter one, polish from left side to the right or otherwise, one pixel higher or lower, a thicker ink or thinner, uppercase or lowercase, rough corners or smooth MATTER.  All of these, alongside with a thousand others, matter.  

We are now proud to say that every piece of our items is made with love.

- pL0T & Ms. Plotmate @ Atelier DaPLOT